Best youth hockey highlights

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| March 19th, 2014 | Posted in Hockey |

13 Responses to “Best youth hockey highlights”

  1. Dbeks63 Says:

    You guys are dusty as fuck

  2. bahockey7 Says:

    I play elite though

  3. K McHenry Taylor Says:

    Raleigh, NC youth travel hockey players from 2006-2010

  4. djprestigeous Says:

    The goals and hits jus got worst and worst

  5. Jordan Deskeere Says:

    Dirty players

  6. K McHenry Taylor Says:

    They range in age from 13 to 16

  7. FlaHockeyPlayer Says:

    what level is this

  8. TheFlyGuys22 Says:

    Where r u from

  9. BostonStateOfMind Says:

    Some really cheap plays and hits ccould have cause dinjury

  10. techn9nefinn Says:

    This is terrible. These players are dirty as fuck and also not that good.
    The goalies this team plays in this video look like they suck. This kind of
    checking is the reason jack jablonski was put in the hospital and also why
    we have these new stupid fucking rules. Also the refs suck

  11. bahockey7 Says:

    Not even good my 02 tea,mwhih I’m on could beat this team easily. Plus
    there so dirty

  12. CR7Styla Says:

    2:08 :D :D:D nice action :D

  13. michael haskins Says:

    hahaha we raped u