US 1980 Olympic Hockey – Do You Believe In Miracles? Yes!

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| November 26th, 2013 | Posted in Hockey |

25 Responses to “US 1980 Olympic Hockey – Do You Believe In Miracles? Yes!”

  1. michaelq28 Says:

    14 members of the 1980 Russian hockey team disliked this video

  2. Ravenghost123 Says:

    Not the greatest moment in terms of achievement, but greatest moment for
    the neutral audience!

  3. RamboRoadkill Says:

    Really winning via 4 guys falling, greatest moment in Olympic
    history….gimme a break

  4. RamboRoadkill Says:

    Technically speaking the Soviet players were not professionals. They were
    not officially paid to play hockey, they were all in the Soviet army and
    paid that way.

  5. RamboRoadkill Says:

    The Soviets were unbeaten in International Competition for 20 years
    straight. They were amateur hockey players in name only and the United
    States wasn’t even projected to medal in 1980. Then factor in the politics
    of the cold war.

  6. PackerBronco Says:

    Imagine a team of college football players from Canada beating an NFL
    all-star team for the world championship.

  7. mrguitarguygates Says:

    It just got really dusty in here.

  8. Tazer19x Says:

    Back then, the US wasn’t aloud to send their professionals, and the Soviet
    Union was, so they dominated nearly every International hockey competition
    since 1960. Basically every player on the ice you see for team USA were
    amateur/collegiate players, while all the Soviet players were
    professionals. That’s basically why it’s called the “Miracle on Ice”

  9. charlie baileygates Says:

    i dont get it, why is it such a “miracle”? , no offence im just not really
    a hockey fan.

  10. Albert Santos Says:

    There you go Sir,you see , you have a different idea on the greatest
    Olimpic moment. This is what I wanted to reflect

  11. Albert Santos Says:

    Forgive me but I wasnt being rude at all, I mentioned that for an American
    it must have been emotional, but for the rest of the world it was not the
    greatest moment in world sports. Your problem is that yiou think the USA is
    the world and it is not , So really the rest of the World doesnt really

  12. Court Tillett Says:

    this still makes me sick to my stomach.

  13. OmegaHermit Says:

    Whenever people makes comments to me about the youth of our nation not
    being worth anything, I refer them to this.

  14. israel moscoso Says:

    i will show you how great i am

  15. WhosFazmaa Says:

    the 13 dislikes are Russians

  16. William Gunn Says:


  17. Sarah Palmer Says:

    There is no need to be rude- this was bigger than one country, this was the
    triumph of an ideal, and that transcends borders. I’m sorry that you can’t
    appreciate this for its beauty. Everyone can at least enjoy the victory of
    an underdog.

  18. Ravenghost123 Says:

    The rest of the world thinks that the greatest moment in Olympic history
    was when Steven Bradbury won gold in short track speed skating in Salt Lake

  19. Albert Santos Says:

    Of you are American I imagine that is true. But the rest of the world
    doesnt really give a shit.

  20. Ronnie Lotz Says:

    Minnesota Hockey!

  21. Donald Coscarelli Says:

    The Soviets didn’t have a clue of what to do? They look dumbfouned, didn”t

  22. Donald Coscarelli Says:

    When this was going on, just about everyone was convinced the Sovirets were
    going to tie this game. Can you imagine if this was a OT game?!?!?!

  23. Thomas Henderson Says:

    Hey Brianca 1970…you spelt definitely wrong

  24. steve rubillo Says:

    I played a hockey tournament on that very rink in lake placid smoothest ice
    ever aha

  25. MrCc1004 Says: